VIDEO: Nosaj Thing’s ‘Cold Stares (feat. Chance The Rapper & The O’My’s)’

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For his latest music video, Nosaj Thing has collaborated with none other than Daito Manabe, who has worked with him on other visual projects prior to this, such as the music video for ‘Eclipse/Blue‘ that also featured two dancers — though relatively simpler when compared to their latest creative venture. The music video for single ‘Cold Stares’ — taken from third album Fated — involves a scarcely furnished bedroom, two dancers, and a troop of drones. Manabe explained that they wanted to focus on “real and virtual worlds;” the video has ever-changing and ever-shifting point-of-views as captured by the drones while the dancers perform their interpretive choreography. Even though the two ladies are dancing in an enclosed space, one can definitely feel the chilly, blue isolation of Chance’s lyrical content and Jason’s morose beat.

Watch the video below:

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