VIDEO: Nico Gao’s A G A I N

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.38.46 AM

Two students from the School of Visual Arts NYC — Nico Gao and Ren Wang — animated this short of what an alternative reality would be like if it followed the same mechanics as games do in terms of having the option to restart life after death. A G A I N shows a bean being accidentally knocked down by a train, but instead of being chaperoned to bean heaven (probably the same place where used coffee beans go to after they die…), the bean opens his eyes only to find himself standing at the same place he was in prior to the mishap. He then realises he’s able to escape death, which serves to only bother him to a degree where he’s curious to try doing as much damage as he possibly can just to see if he’d actually die — like jumping off a building, being electrocuted, and hanging himself.

Watch the video below:

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