VIDEO: NCIS Spoofed by Well-Celebrated DJs


When we saw this parody, it instantly brought to mind all of the other police procedural series that have just become ceaseless, ubiquitous crap that should have died along with the many television shows that never make it past the first season. The spoof is a ‘promotional video’ for a new (fake) NCIS franchise called NCIS: Ibiza. It sees all of your favorite DJs/personalities making fun of both the Ibiza party scene and the bloated crime drama series. There are the standard cop show archetypes in the detectives played by the likes of Steve Aoki, R3hab and Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Martin Garrix as a scientist who’s more fixated with glow sticks than DNA samples, Ryan Hemsworth as “a Spanish boy trying to make it in the streets of… Ibiza”, and Moby as a bumbling aging club goer who looks like Jonathan Davis of Korn.

If some TV network were to pick up this show, they should ensure that the cast receive a remedial lesson in ‘How To Properly Pronounce Ibiza’.


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