VIDEO: NAO’s ‘Goodbye Najib’

source: Nao

Well, there is no need to explain or comment on our country’s political state — it is a mess. So it’s no surprise that instrumental rock band Nao is venting their frustrations regarding our Prime Minister through this newly released video. Although it has no lyrics, the band has however provided their thoughts (in Chinese) in the video description as well as their Facebook page. Even if you can’t read Chinese, based on the title of the track, you’d grasp the gist of their wordless expression. In the video, we see the threesome playing in a field along with scenic cuts of fluttering leaves and farm animals, echoing the band’s statement — if our deteriorating Chinese serves us correctly that is — about quietly bidding adieu to our head of government through their own sense of imagination and fantasy. Don’t be surprised if the tone of the song isn’t as rage-infested as you’d assumed.

Watch the video below:

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