VIDEO: monoloQue’s ‘Ringgit (Batu Belah Batu Konkrit 2)’

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The struggles of making money have surely plagued most of us once we enter an age or a circumstance where we would have to earn a living. You can always hear someone — jokingly or not — shrieking skyward, “Why can’t a million ringgit just fall into my lap?” Well, monoloQue has turned that sentiment into a lyric in ‘Ringgit (Batu Belah Batu Konkrit 2)’ — the first single off his yet-to-be-titled sophomore and sequel to ‘Batu Belah Batu Konkrit (Bonda)‘ from debut solo LP Hikayat Halimunan Abad Ke-21: Jejak Tanah. Sung in Malay, the song is part satire, part commentary on society’s attitude towards the economically disadvantaged, case in point, “bila poket kosong, orang ramai lekas tersinggung,” which literally translates into “when your pocket’s empty, people’d be easily offended.” In the video, we see the main man wandering around KL doning his trademark tengkoloque and a syilling — walking aimlessly, as it turns out, is a recurring motif in his videos. He is possibly simulating what a broke, homeless man would do — waking up in a forest, quirkily dancing in the middle of a street, and talking to naked mannequins (who eventually become animated to sing backup on his behalf).

Watch it below:

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