VIDEO: monoloQue’s ‘Den.Dam’

source: YouTube

There is always a certain fascination when it comes to anything shot in monochrome: the whole play of light and shadow, the sense of foreboding brought upon by the blanket of gloom stemmed from the amplified sense of darkness. Regardless of the somewhat grim connotations, everything seems to appear more aesthetically pleasing in black and white. Directed by Emir Ezwan, the much-anticipated music video to monoloQue’s first single ‘Den.Dam’ off their upcoming second album features vocalist-cum-multi-instrumentalist loQue attempting to battle his inner demons, seemingly seeking to be liberated of conflict. The video is dark and deep, mysterious and ominous, which fits well with the overall tone of the track. Its visual interest lies in Azil Adzlee’s cinematography. Think Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’, but instead of simply observing quirky dance moves hilariously executed in one place, one catches loQue running through various settings, from forested terrain to perpetuating cityscapes, in an equally hilarious manner. And at some point catching him attacking a red-eyed doppelgänger-like figure against a full moon backdrop, with both of them appropriately availing themselves of sick silat moves à la Malay-style Mortal Kombat. It’s safe to say that there is a lot more going on in ‘Den.Dam’.

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