VIDEO: Malaysia’s First Sex Ed Show Popek Popek Returns for a Second Season

source: Popek Popek

While we don’t particularly care for PopTeeVee aside from That Effing Show, the shutting down of the digital channel also meant that Malaysia’s first sex ed show Popek Popek, with its awkward humour a la Between Two Ferns, faced cancellation too. Thankfully, host and creator June Low is one tenacious lady who refused to give up on it just due to a lack of platform – instead, she went ahead with the second season of the show on her own. The first episode – featuring recurring guest star Sudarshan – is Popek Popek just as how you remember it; dry humour mixed with silliness while still being very educational.

Watch them mythbust the supernaturally-inclined ‘dangers’ of masturbation as Sudar uses the Shake Weight with his masturbation-induced hirsute right hand:

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