VIDEO: Majical Cloudz’s ‘Downtown’

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source: Majical Cloudz

Comprising of Devon Welsh and Neil Corcoran, Montreal duo Majical Cloudz are poised to release their sophomore album Are You Alone? next week. The music video — directed by the two men themselves — for ‘Downtown’ is essentially the same as the preceding video for ‘Silver Car Crash‘, both of them are unembellished grey-toned videos that showcase both solemnity and frivolity. The video mirrors the arrangement of the song; minimal and sparse. The lyrics are deceptively simple as well, but the best and most compelling lyric — which has been pointed out by many — is, “One thing I’ll do, if it ever goes wrong/ I’ll write you into all of my songs/ And if one day I die, I hope they will say/ That he was obsessed and it was okay.”

Watch the video below:

Majical Cloudz’s Are You Alone will be released on Friday 16 October ’15 via Matador.