VIDEO: Madonna’s ‘Bitch I’m Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj)’

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Madonna’s confidence is empowering and motivating to us mere mortals that choose to do things that are age appropriate. It takes great skill (and thick skin) to produce a music video that features a once respectable and prominent figure in the music industry stumbling across rooms, making out with random people while singing about something we felt only Miley Cyrus was capable of writing — you know, a song with zero substance. There are a lot of comparisons between ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ because of the number of celebrity cameos, and while both are atrocious, at least Taylor Swift’s graphics related to her song. What is this video conveying? That 56-year-olds can party just as hard as Rita Ora, Katy Perry, and Diplo? We get it Madonna, you’re relevant and super cool with your pink hair and leopard print dress. We’re not diminishing Madonna’s pop cultural importance though — she was a very important figure in pop who had paved the way for many female artistes today. We have the utmost respect for all that she’s done, but when you start making other people feel awkward about the art you produce — even Nicki Minaj wasn’t physically at the video shoot, choosing to make her appearance via a faux-screen in the video instead — it’s time to cap the music production of the thirteenth album and make this the last world tour.

We just read that Amy Schumer is opening one of her shows in NYC. Ms. Schumer, get off this trainwreck before it’s too late, or better still, make it part of your stand up routine.

Cringe at the video below:

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