VIDEO: Madeon’s ‘You’re On (feat. Kyan)’

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source: Madeon

Hugo Pierre Leclerq has been making us wait far too long between tunes. The last one of his that came through our office was the four-on-the-floor thunderbastard that is ‘Imperium‘. This time around, he’s back with the lead single off his highly-anticipated debut album Adventure. It still carries that feel good vibe, but with Kyan’s sterling vocals carrying the song to the next level and ensuring that it reaches radio-friendly status. Of course, the musicianship is first-rate, as we’ve come to expect nothing less from Madeon, with creative usage of some slicing, dicing, and ducking, as well as certain inspired chord changes. This is also the first video of a three-part series, so stay tuned for more concept filmography centred around the two young’uns in the video.


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