VIDEO: Macaulay Culkin as Adult Version of His Home Alone Character


These days, Macaulay Culkin’s brothers are doing much better in terms of their career, but no matter what, we still care about news of the troubled former child star. Musician, actor, producer, and husband to Regina Spektor, Jack Dishel has created a series centring around the adventures that occur on the strange drives he takes with an on-demand car service, you know, like Uber. Here, he stars along Culkin who plays an all grown, haggard, and screwed-up Kevin McCallister. We discover the damaging effects he’s suffered from fending himself against home invaders as a young child, twice. There’s a cartoonish sequence in the film that even pays a homage to the shenanigans in the two famed Christmas films as a trouble maker comes threatening their safety.

Watch the video below:

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