VIDEO: L’Orange & Kool Keith’s ‘The Green Ray’

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The song begins with a dialogue taken from the Buck Rogers’s radio drama production recorded in 1939 entitled The Buck Rogers Program. Rogers describes what we assume to be a time-travelling device a particular doctor had been working on (“We join him there, in the future but instead of telling you about it, let’s turn the dial that will project us ahead in time, and find all about it that way,”). Despite its lyrics sounding suitable as a theme song for a documentary about conspiracy theories, the music is laid-back with elements of jazz and rock to lace it from sounding too overwhelming. The music video reflects those aspects as well; visually pleasing and easy to watch. It includes a variety of archive footage that have been digitally manipulated to produce and resemble other images and symbols. ‘The Green Ray’ is a single off L’Orange and Kool Keith’s collaborative album titled Time? Astonishing!, which was released in July this year and is an album worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Watch it below:

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