VIDEO: Local Natives Perform ‘Dark Days’ & ‘Foundation of Youth’ on La Blogothèque


Local Natives have returned to the French website La Blogothèque to perform two songs from their latest record Sunlit Youth, namely ‘Darker Days’ and ‘Foundation of Youth’, under a bright, azure sky. Politics and social activism are a major theme for the album; Taylor Rice has not only vouched for HRC to us in an interview personally, but the band as a whole has done so very explicitly in ‘Foundation of Youth’ – “I have waited so long, Mrs. President.” Well, as we all know now, things didn’t pan out the way the band had hoped. But we can regale in how their harmonies sound so resounding and full even as they “busk” around. Taylor even jumped into a river at the end of the video – for dramatic effect or as a metaphor for something?

Watch the video below:

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