VIDEO: Leo Ari’s ‘Daulat Puanku’

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source: Leo Ari

Over a vaporwaved 1988 footage of Björk during the Sugarcubes era, Leo Ari’s latest track ‘Daulat Puanku’ is ostensibly about surrendering yourself to a female figure. It gets a little more metaphorical when coupled with the subject of Björk’s examination — something about reality, the hypnotic quality of vintage television, and not letting poets lie to you in favour of transparent truism. That last bit in particular stuck to us, and Leo Ari’s lyrics might just be personifying romanticism as an alluring figure whom in the end he had to extricate himself from (“Ku lepaskan dia (I released her)”). While musically it didn’t grab us as much as Leo’s first track ‘Silap‘, it offered more thematically than it had let us in on initially. Leo is more artist than artiste, after all.

Also, is it just us or young Björk would have made for the perfect Death?

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