VIDEO: Lamb of God’s ‘Overlord’

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If Pantera and Alice in Chains had a lovechild, ‘Overlord’ would’ve been it. Lamb of God has been dropping singles and music videos like bread crumbs á la Hansel and Gretel that will inevitably lead us to a house made of candy (their seventh studio album, VII: Sturm Und Drang) where we will be captured by a witch… because it’ll be a magical experience. Yes. This is without a doubt the slowest and cleanest song Lamb of God has recorded to date — Randy Blythe’s vocals are so crystal clear that one can hear what he’s saying without having to look up the lyrics. It is a beautiful song without a doubt, but we don’t know how we feel about Lamb of God permanently taking things down a few notches — even Chris Adler aka drummer extraordinare looks bored out of his mind (1:24). But then the screams and heavy riffs kick in at 3:30 and all feels right in the world again.

‘Overlord’ seems to be a sequel to their ‘512‘ music video as the hobo (which we assume to be Randy’s consciousness at this point) is seen here as well. Seeing how the songs in the upcoming album are written after Blythe was accused of manslaughter and his stint in prison, Sturm Und Drang is going to be their darkest and possibly their most poetic album featuring appearances by their favourite themes: politics, misanthropy, and social issues. We look forward to it.

Watch the video below:

VII: Sturm Und Drang is set for a Friday 24 July ’15 release. For more Lamb of God, click here