VIDEO: Laila’s Lounge Returns With ‘Bebastereo’

source: Laila's Lounge

Laila’s Lounge, a band popular in the ‘00s, is marking their return with a new single and an accompanying music video for ‘Bebastereo’. The rock band has a little help from some familiar dudes in the scene, namely Fizan, the frontman of Brit rock band Bittersweet, and Ezzart, who plays in bands such as Couple and Decades. The men duke it out in a violent brawl without prior context – the animosity is palpable as the brutish fight continues in an abandoned apartment complex – their bodies crashing together and things are thrashed around. All this while, Laila’s Lounge performs the song in neon magenta room as Hadi intensifies his delivery with each escalating momentum. His high-strung scatting, coupled with the potent guitar riffs, is gratifyingly mirrored by the actors’ savagery.

Watch the video below:

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