VIDEO: Kyoto Protocol’s ‘Still Alive’

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source: Kyoto Protocol

If you haven’t heard, the boys of Kyoto Protocol are currently touring around the country in support of their latest album Catch These Men. If you can’t attend the showcases for some reason, the band just released a video for the lead single off the album. Still within the fashion that we’ve come to expect of them, the video has a tinge of humour but it’s still an interpretation of the steadfast lyrics– “[they’ll] be damned if [they] go down without a fight”. The punches of guitar and urgent drums heighten the feeling of suspense as we watch them flee frantically away from a group of faceless people; maybe even reminiscent of the Foo Fighters.

Take a look:

‘Still Alive’ MV is a Point Form Digital production. More doses of Kyoto Protocol here

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