VIDEO: KRZ x TBC x HQA’s ‘Rogue Boyz II Men #Anthem #ElizabethTan’

source: Elizabeth Tan

Trust The Rebel Scum’s HQA — whose solo mixtape baguvix remains criminally underheard — to lead the new Rogue Boys astray from the self-seriousness of hip hop. This is a good thing, by the way, ‘Rogue Boyz II Men #Anthem #ElizabethTan’ is the most fun and zeitgeist-appropriate sounding track we’ve heard coming from the Rogue Squadron crew. But then again, Krayziesoundz’s repertoire and The Bat Cave’s Zet Legacy’s solo outing have shown some ATL influences and affinity for 808s before (or what stubborn purists would describe as ig’nant rap) — i.e. ‘Hono // Kasai 炎や火災 (feat. Ninjaboy)‘ and ‘Brown Boys‘. ‘#ElizabethTan’ takes it even further — shot and recorded over a single night, the posse cut features adlibs and flows inspired by both the new Atlanta and Chiraq cats, complete with the tradition of turning a celebrity’s name into a non sequitur catchphrase, and a video that sees the crew getting turnt up à la Glo Gang, The Cohort, Rich Gang, and their ilk. In fact, the one-shot video itself has that freeform DIY spirit to it that would make whomever it is responsible for Awful Records’ music videos proud.

Watch the video below:

Listen to the mixed version of the track exclusively via JUICE below:

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