VIDEO: Krayziesoundz x The Bat Cave x NtahSape2Ntah x The Rebel Scum’s ‘Rogue Dayz’

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source: Rogue Dayz

Continuing in the tradition of ‘Rogue Boyz II Men’, the new gen of Rogue Squadron returns with another crew anthem – right down to repeating the hip hop trope of turning a (female) pop icon name into a catchphrase, in this case, it’s the proprietor of a particular riot-inducing headscarf brand. Naturally, ‘Rogue Dayz’ is just as riot-inducing as Neelofa’s headscarves, as can be seen in the live footage of the whole crew causing a ruckus in Laundry Bar during the first RtB Plus One gig. With a lowtemp beat by Krayziesoundz’s Ameyy that contrasts against the turnt up chorus, some of the same faces from the #ElizabethTan anthem are expectedly seen here again, but in addition to that, you’ll also see a few of the more self-serious members of the hip hop collective – rappity rap amidst ig’nant rap, why not? It’s a new era. Hell, so reinvigorated Rogue Squadron is after ‘Rogue Boyz II Men’ that it even summoned WordsManifest out of retirement to drop a verse. More of this and less wack emcee-killing, please.

Watch the video below:

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