VIDEO: Killeur Calculateur x Tep Yorke’s ‘Golden Triangle’

source: Tep Yorke

The skate scene around the world has always identified with underground music — be it punk, hip hop, hardcore, or anything below the radar, really. From soundtracking aesthetically lo-fi skate videos to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame series, you can trust a skateboarder to know what good music is. Maybe it was happenstance, but whatever it was, that fact is alive and kicking in perfect synergy here on the streets of Kuala Lumpur today, particularly  in skate hero-cum-videographer Tep Yorke’s numerous videos on YouTube. Naturally mathematical post-punk band Killeur Calculateur’s new music video is in collaboration with the kid. The video sees the band’s high-octance, hard-hitting style coupled with footage of multiple boarders navigating their way through the titular triangular heart of our beloved city — it’s what you’d expect of a skate video, just supremely well done.

New skate anthem? Sign us up.

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