VIDEO: José González’s ‘Every Age’

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 jose gonzalez: every age

Early next year, José González will release Vestiges and Claws, his third album since his debut a decade ago with Veneer, which was packaged with arguably his most well-known cover song — The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’. Since then, the Swede has put out two well-received albums and is also part of the folk rock group Junip. ‘Every Age’ serves as a sweet tease for his forthcoming self-produced release. A steadying song that offers some sage insight on existential matters that we might catch ourselves pondering upon after a few listens (it would have been perfect for the Into The Wild soundtrack). The video perfectly complements González’s words — “We don’t choose where we’re born / We don’t choose in what pocket or form / But we can learn to know ourselves / On this globe in the void.” — as a camera is launched into space, giving us a view of the whole world in all of its unfathomable largeness and stunning beauty. Though we may struggle with our understanding of the world, at least for three minutes ‘Every Age’ provides some semblance of comfort.

Take a look below:

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