VIDEO: Johnny Depp as Trump in Funny Or Die’s Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal: The Movie

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Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal: The Movie is a parody centring on Donald Trump’s life during the ’80s when he was more known for being an entrepreneur rather than a racist presidential candidate. However, given the spotlight that Trump set up for himself over the last few years, it’s difficult to take the satire in this production as outrageous or scripted to exaggerate his worst traits — as parodies often do — seeing as how Trump really embodies those exact characteristics in reality. There’s a snippet in the trailer (if you are not keen on watching the whole thing) where Trump throws a tantrum over not being able to own the Taj Mahal (the ‘rosebud’ of this film, though he won’t get the reference) — and it’s not hard to imagine him doing that in real life in all its comedic glory. Even better, yes, that’s really Johnny Depp underneath all that make up and horrible wig, something he is seemingly fond of wearing in his recent movies. Depp nails the Trump role down to a T; from the hair, to the way he speaks, to his expression, and most importantly, the movement of his lips — theatrical but necessary.

Watch the trailer below:

… or watch the full movie here.

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