VIDEO: Jin Hackman’s ‘The Very Late 2015 Malaysian Rap Up’

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Jin Hackman

Just as we’d thought we entered 2016 without an obligatory ‘Malaysian Rap Up’, Jin Hackman has finally sprung us up with one. Cheekily titled ‘The Very Late 2015 Malaysian Rap Up’, the video begins with an explanation for the rap up’s tardiness (it was stolen, apparently) and the premise of the video is captured in a style of a lurking stalker (or directed by hqa) recording the ennui of Jin’s life – perhaps representing the blasé feeling of having to come up with yet another rap up, or maybe recapping last year’s news is just depressing. Odd opening aside, Jin gets into the thick of running down the best and worst of local (as well as a bit of international) politics and pop culture news with music composed by Rogue Squad peers I-$ky & Daney On The Beat. There were the recounting of national PR atrocities such as the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’, the burning of Bukit Aman police tower, hiked toll prices, and the MARA scholar who had possession of child pornography, but there were lighter news too, for instance his shout outs to OJ Law’s ‘Introverts’Bil Musa, ‘MC’ Azalina, and we forgot about this, #RichKidsOfMalaysia was a hot topic at one point too.

Watch the video below:

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