VIDEO: Jeff Scher’s Milk of Amnesia

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Jeff Scher is a native New Yorker who has built a career from standing behind a camera and an easel. His signature comprises of abstract strokes and psychedelic visuals – usually ones that hypnotises the viewer due to Scher’s attachment with the kaleidoscope-esque effect. He began investing his time in motion pictures – be it film, commercials, or short films – since the early ‘80s. He has since contributed to a number of prestigious broadcast networks like HBO and PBS while his art is kept in the confinement of the Museum of Modern Art, Hirshhorn Museum, the Austrian National Archive, and many more.

Milk of Amnesia illustrates Scher’s creative process in an almost six-minute video, which was originally screened in ’92 at the New York Film Festival (he only recently uploaded it onto his Vimeo account). The images repeat itself throughout the video’s duration but somehow Scher keeps it from being dull – perhaps this is due to the video being complemented by an Argentinian symphony courtesy of another creative folk named Francisco Juan Lomuto, who is a tango pianist and composer.

Watch it below:

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