VIDEO: Jamie xx’s ‘Gosh’

source: Jamie xx

From Jamie xx‘s much anticipated debut album In Colour, the producer has dropped the video for ‘Gosh’ — the first track of the album — directed by Erik Wernquist. The visuals are seamlessly pieced together by outer space images from various sources such as NASA, JPL, University of Arizona, and the Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualisation Studio. From the get-go, the track launches into a high-paced shuffling beat that’s grounded by pulses of bass, along with an MC sample that goes “Oh my gosh/ Easy, easy.” The track slowly resembles its imagery as a wiry, high pitched sound overtakes the boisterous preceding portion of the song.

Watch the video below:

In Colour will be released on 1 June via Young Turks. Pre-order the album here