VIDEO: Intriguant’s ‘Chemistry’ Unveils Itself in Reverse Before Its Shocking Linear End

source: Intriguant

It’s been two years since Intriguant piqued the interest of electronic music heads worldwide – even getting a feature on The Fader – due to the promise he’d shown on Ellipse EP. Come Friday 6 January ’17, the moody, somnambulant atmospherics of Intriguant’s music will see a full-length album in Recluse (Syndicate), and a foretaste of its soundscape can be heard via single ‘Chemistry’. The lowtemp hip hop beat – swaying from early Shadow to Krush’s trip hop ambience – is complemented by director Joant Úbeda’s cinematic tale of nightlife debauchery and its underbelly. Unveiling itself in reverse in the first half, the video then takes a linear path that leads us back to its beginning, and consequently, to its grisly end.

Watch ‘Chemistry’ below:

Intriguant’s Recluse LP is out on Friday 6 January ’17 via Syndicate SG. Pre-order a digital copy of the album here.