VIDEO: Inspired & The Sleep’s ‘Sleep Well on Knives’

inspired and the sleep

San Diego indie band Inspired & The Sleep‘s early releases have always tended towards the lo-fi as evidenced on their Teenager. EP and with last year’s Coming Up For Air, both inclined towards bright, danceable pop that’s reflective of the Californian sun. The band — comprising primarily of singer-songwriter Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault — will be releasing their imminent EP entitled Eyelid Kid that will signal a growth towards a darker, more polished sound; case in point, the band’s second single ‘Sleep Well on Knives’. As it turns out, the simple video for the single is actually quite compelling, as the band told Noisey, “[It] aims to encompass the feeling of pure crippling weakening anxiety based around a fear of time.” That explains a lot.

Watch the video below:

Inspired & The Sleep’s Eyelid Kid EP is due for a release in October, keep up to date with the band here.