VIDEO: i-D’s A-Z of Beauty Together

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source: i-D

i-D Magazine‘s video content is the best we’ve seen. If they aren’t premiering an artiste’s music video, they are making quaint guides or how-to videos that cover a range of topics. For instance, a satire on ’50s women’s etiquette in the millennial age that we particularly liked. For this video, they’ve partnered with mega beauty departmental store Sephora for their take on the myriad of beauty trends that stemmed from the countless subcultures that have mushroomed around the world. The video have seemingly covered everyone, from health goths to drag queens, and even tomboys (their ‘makeup’ of choice would be a chapstick)! Another aspect that i-D does well is showcasing diversity– in terms of race, body types, and gender.

Check out the video here:

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