VIDEO: Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Scud Books’

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source: Hudson Mohawke

Calvin Harris isn’t the only DJ-producer to have risen from Glasgow to international fame, Hudson Mohawke has been making waves on his terms as well: What not with having produced a number of tracks on Kanye West’s magnum opus Yeezus, signed to his label GOOD Music, and heralded by The Guardian for “changing the face of pop,” — his Glaswegian EDM counterpart could only hope to achieve pop cultural accolades. Now hot on the heels of second album Lantern, he debuted new track ‘Scud Books’ along with another two songs when he took over BBC’s Radio 1 Show. Now officially in video form, ‘Scud Books’ combines footage of his Boiler Room set and blooming flowers, all of which are embossed with ‘Hudson Mohawke’ throughout lest you forget the name of the faceless performer. In his trademark maximalist fashion, the track has a colossal tempo; with bellowing horns and resounding percussion. Before the track ends, it takes a dip with just high pitch bleeps. 

Take a look at the video below:

HudMo’s Lantern will be out on Sunday 14 June ’15 via WARP. Meanwhile, catch up with him here