VIDEO: H&M Taps Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody for Its Christmas ’16 Collection Film


Christmas is arriving soon and H&M is welcoming the festive season with panache with the help of indie auteur Wes Anderson and actor Adrien Brody who recurs in many of his films. In typical fashion, the short film/lookbook begins as a tragedy – the train is delayed for a ridiculous enough time to seem quaint (11 1/2 hours to be exact), so everyone’s Christmas plans are dashed. But, not if Adrien Brody – the train conductor – can save the day. The passengers on the train — decked in H&M’s Christmas ’16 collection – are a motley crew, of course. And, the film ends in an uncharacteristic tone; the unaccompanied minor spends the holiday joyfully, and no one had to die violently or become too distressed in the process. Happy holidays!

Watch the fashion picture in motion below:

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