VIDEO: Heymun’s ‘Sailor’

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source: Heymun

Heymun’s latest single ‘Sailor’ is the singer-songwriter at her most forlorn, which turns out to be the mood she sings best in – quite the opposite of the previous single’s Instagram-filtered first flush of ‘Youth’. Incredibly personal, the song serves as a major catharsis for Heymun whose life abroad has reached the literary end of a Künstlerroman. Tracked mostly live, Heymun and her bandmates played their respective instruments — bass, guitar, drums — in separate dimly lit rooms without any metronome or clicks, and the conditioning of the recording session shows on the track; her voice and the lush string arrangement speak to each other. Perhaps inspired by the seagull effect of the strings and cello, the video accompanying the song sees Heymun standing stationary on the edge of a cliffside. The resulting image isn’t suicidal though, instead it’s a thoughtful rumination of a marooned sailor looking across the sea, mayhap imagining home over the vast blue yonder.