VIDEO: Happyness’ ‘Weird Little Birthday Girl’


Happyness may sound like a run-of-the-mill US slacker rock band, but with their sharp witty lyrics and creative utilisation of the visual medium that is their music videos, these trio of Londoners have rightfully gained much critical attention for this distinction. Somewhat of a title track off their full-length release Weird Little Birthday, their latest video features a guy whose face is caked with, well, birthday cake — a visage slathered with cake frosting and sprinkles while the mouth secures a candle that’s tirelessly being lit for almost the entirety of the 8-minute song. Benji Compston’s whispering vocals do not come in until the 3-minute mark, so we’re left to stew with the easy, melancholic plucking while analysing his micro facial spasms. With every involuntary tick of his expression complementing the quirky love story being tenderly told, the video tugs hard at the heartstrings.

Watch it below:

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