VIDEO: Grimes’ ‘REALiTi’

source: Grimes

Remember when Grimes put out the video for ‘Go‘ that featured electronic producer Blood Diamonds and it got a lot of flak from fans for its EDMed trap-laden influence? Because of that, Grimes sat up and listened to the backlash and scrapped her new album as it “sucked”. In the interlude of waiting for what her renewed direction for her Visions follow-up would entail, the elfen Canadian released ‘REALiTi’ off the scrapped album, in which you can attribute the conception of both the song and the video to Boucher herself. But she warns us of the poor quality of the song and her efforts at salvaging a track that was “never meant to be heard by anyone.” The video is a patchwork of footage taken while on tour in Asia (once you see the monkey in the beginning, you’d have an inkling that it’s none other than the religious site/ tourist attraction Batu Caves.) The track definitely reverts back to what we’ve become familiar with Grimes — we guess the scrapped album didn’t suck after all? It’s also nice to see her arm flailing, head swishing, shoulder jerking dance throughout the video, as we’ve become accustomed to that as well.

Watch it below:

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