VIDEO: Grimes’ ‘Flesh Without Blood/ Life in the Vivid Dream’

source: Grimes

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Grimes’ imminent forth record Art Angels which is to be released next Friday. You know the whole debacle of her scrapped material for what was supposed to be the makings of her new record, following the release of the Blood Diamond-produced, trap-influenced single ‘Go‘. But the salvaged ‘REALiTi‘ sounded like a track off Visions, so that was slightly confounding, though it will nevertheless appear in the forthcoming album. But moving forward, the artiste has dropped the music video for double single ‘Flesh Without Blood’ and ‘Life in the Vivid Dream’. The preceding lead single is an unapologetic pop track, riddled with guitar riffs present in most singles in the Top 40 charts, and lyrics about heartbreak which she delivers in blithe defiance — echoing the sentiment in which she wanted to create “something strong and aggressive because it’s more reflective of [her],” as she told Q Magazine. ‘Life in the Vivid Dreams’ showcases a significantly different mood; she utilitises her wispy voice in a tender fashion for the ballad as Grimes — in angel form — takes the life of her Victorian-garbed alter ego. There are a few more characters who have names such as IV Roccoco Basilik Kill V. Maim, and Skreechy Bat. One dances wildly with friends, one plays video games,  and of course, one anachronistic Victorian dies a slow death.

Watch the video below:

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