VIDEO: Goldfish & Blink’s ‘Somewhere New (feat. Elizabeth Tan)’


Our local club/EDM scene’s most notable faces, Goldfish & Blink, have collaborated with the most unlikeliest of artistes — singer-songwriter Elizabeth Tan, who also penned the track’s lyrics. The video has an odd concept, it’s probably too abstract for us to understand as it’s basically a game of tag taken way too seriously. There Elizabeth was in the video, standing and smiling at flowers before the DJ duo decided to tag her “it”, and the inexplicable chase sequence ensued (literally running around KL, driving and drifting in old, pimped out cars), all the while you hear Elizabeth singing, “Let me take you to somewhere new/ Let me take you.” Does that mean that the boys do not want to be taken to somewhere new with Elizabeth Tan? Is she too wholesome? Is she too intense in her pursuit? We don’t know.

However, we do know this; the flashes of promotion to download the song as a caller ring tone really got us. Suddenly, we feel as though it’s still the early ’00s and we have a raging urge to dig up our indestructible Nokia 3310 because of that.

Watch the video below:

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