VIDEO: Get Seriously Tripped Out with Keith Ape’s Converse-sponsored ‘Diamonds (feat. Jedi P)’ MV

Reigning South Korean rapper Keith Ape is much bigger than his hit ‘It G Ma’, which has sadly claimed by one too many fuccbois. Nevertheless, his much-lauded talent is further captured in his most recent single ‘Diamonds’ with Jedi P – brought to life in a magnificent music video that’s worthy of cinema. As you see Keith swaggering around a neon metropolis, you’d probably notice an emphasis on his sleek white kicks. Those sneakers are actually All Star Chuck Taylor II Shield Canvas from Converse’s Counter Climate collection, so yes, those shoes are really water repellent as seen in the video! How very #UnderwaterSquad appropriate. White shoes have never shone so bright in this loud setting, no visual trickery needed.  So, imagine yourself in a hyper-realised manga that takes inspiration from Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void and the neon worlds of Nicolas Winding Refn, and you’d get this acid trip of a music video.

Watch it below:

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