VIDEO: Geekish YouTuber Reviews Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Laser

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Brad Hall

Now anyone can wear whatever they want, we do not subject a type of personality to a certain set of wardrobe because that would be grossly stereotypical. Nonetheless, what a person chooses to wear does reflect the wearer’s personality, and that is a well-studied fact. This YouTuber, whose pale, geekish appearance dichotomises the swagger of the Air Jordan 1, the resulting video is humorous — as it possibly mocks the whole obsessive craze of sneakerheads. But Brad Hall, the host/reviewer, is so deadpan serious in his remarks that it’s hard to think that this video could be a joke. For instance, when explaining about the additional grey laces, he quips, “I’m probably gonna stick to the white laces because I like how clean they look and I am a more summer casual shoe guy.”

The guy even uses a bloody shoe horn when trying the sneakers on. Hilarious.

Watch it below:

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