VIDEO: Gamblers’ ‘We’re Bound To Be Together’

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Gamblers are an American band that sounds like what would happen if someone formed a band while listening to The Pigeon Detectives and Matchbox Twenty simultaneously — an unlikely pairing, yes, but that’s what they sound like. Take ‘We’re Bound To Be Together’ for example, there’s nothing complex about its arrangement but it’s contagious; like Matchbox Twenty’s songs for better or worse. We’ll never understand why we still jam to ‘Disease’ to this date! But let’s move on from that… claiming to be in love with someone forever is as sweet as it is creepy — imagine thinking that about someone you’ve only had the pleasure of stalking on Instagram, not that we’d know anything about that. The main aspect that caught our attention though, was its music video because how often does one see a music video drawn using crayons (such an ‘80s MV aesthetic to pull off)? Not often, that’s what.

Watch the video below:

The band’s debut album entitled Small World is scheduled to be released some time this year. More from Gamblers here