VIDEO: Froya’s ‘Rosie’


‘Rosie’ is musician Froya’s first single since the release of her debut album Panic Bird last year. A plethora of love songs are dedicated to human beings, be it lovers, former lovers, parents, friends, or even pop cultural figures, but they are seldom about animals. Here, Froya has written a song for her pet Yorkshire Terrier and even made Rosie the star of her very own music video. The delightfully saccharine MV features the eponymous Yorkie and two teams of humans donning animal masks. One benign pair takes Rosie to the jungle as suggested in the lyrics, which alters between Froya’s and Rosie’s individual perspectives. The other seemingly aggressive pair (a gorilla and a T-Rex, as Froya has shared), however, doesn’t seem to faze the little furry canine.

Watch the music video below:

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