VIDEO: Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Perform ‘Catalina Breeze’


The above picture of the former SNL cast mates depicts them as a soft rock band called the Blue Jean Committee (BJC). The band was one of the subjects of their mockumentary series titled Documentary Now! — a series that parodies the audience’s apparent obsession for documentaries. The TV show, amazingly, had featured the likes of Helen Mirren (as its host), Haim, writer Chuck Klosterman, and director Cameron Crowe. Single ‘Catalina Breeze’ is taken from the BJC’s eponymous EP, which is actually available for purchase! The actors have definitely captured the Cali-soft rock of the ’70s to a t, from the costumes to the consistently overlapping scene effect of the music video.

Watch tit below:

More from Documentary Now! here. Purchase Catalina Breeze EP via Drag City