VIDEO: Flying Lotus’ ‘Ready Err Not’

source: Flying Lotus

FlyLo’s fifth LP You’re Dead! might be death as the road to awe, but this Halloween-ready video to ‘Ready Err Not’ off the album is more emblematic of the album’s cover artist — guro mangaka Shintaro Kago. Going full-on Cronenberg and The Thing, the animated video is a flurry of grotesque monstrosities — all involving the ins and outs of the human body — twitching, penetrating, and defiling one another. The head of a disembodied Steve Ellison has a shit-eating grin, probably gratification from grossing the hell out of us.

Suffice to say, we puked a little. Watch the NSFW video below:

Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead! is out now via Warp. More from FlyLo here.