VIDEO: FKA twigs’ ‘Video Girl’

fka twigs

It was just days ago when we saw FKA twigs dancing to a reworked version of ‘Video Girl’ while wearing a pair of Google Glass in #throughglass, but in this recently released official video, the only thing that’s the same is her affinity for dancing. FKA twigs visits possibly a lover, but undeniably a death row prisoner. They are both struggling. She’s visibly unsettled as she watches him resisting to meet his imminent end via lethal injection. Their separated anguish plays out as it is intercut with vignettes of a sinister grillz-mouthed rapper and FKA’s alter ego who aggressively taunts as she mouths the ominous rap. Together, they represent a looming cruel death.

As the prisoner is made ready for his conclusion, the angelic vocals morph into a religious chant as the ill-omened man is shot up with the poison. The disturbing hymn stops, allowing us a moment to breathe and digest the intensity of the first act before the song ‘Video Girl’ begins. FKA twigs appears unannounced at the corner of the room with the semi-conscious prisoner and begins to dance interpretatively around the room and the man before straddling him (but of course).

Watch the video below:

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