VIDEO: FKA twigs #throughglass

source: FKA twigs

It’s common knowledge now that Tahliah Debrett Barnett was at one point a dancer, but aside from one endearingly awkward video, we haven’t really seen her skills on the dancefloor in her current incarnation as FKA twigs. Thankfully, Google is still hard at work trying to convince us the Glass is cool — this time around, they’ve commissioned twigs for a short film simply titled by the internet gen-appropriate name #throughglass. Performed and directed by her, the video sees twigs googling vogue legend Benjamin Milan and Brit-krumper Dominant using her Glass (while looking at a mirror naturally, Alice in Wonderland reference and all) before dancing in tandem with her inspirations’ respective styles. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, but goddamn, twigs — and her lookalikes — sure as hell can dance to reworked versions of her tracks ‘Video Girl’ and ‘Glass & Patron’. Don’t ask us how this video promotes the Glass technology though.

Watch the video below:

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