VIDEO: f r s’ ‘Be Busy Bitching (feat. Bastard Malaya and ZSYIA)’

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source: HOAX

In case you aren’t convinced that the HOAX kids are something of Malaysia’s analogue to the Awful Records posse, they’ve recently released the very DIY music video to HOAX Hates U‘s highlight — the f r s-produced ‘Be Busy Bitching’ featuring Bastard Malaya and ZSYIA. As low concept as some of the more lofi sounding cuts from the collective, the video sees the headlights-beamed trio cheffin’ it up at an undisclosed, nondescript parking lot. Bastard channels Slug Christ’s swagger, ZSYIA gesticulates to optimum bad bitch QT-ness, Orang Malaya’s so turnt he could very well swerve into a lamppost, and Babylotus makes a cameo — see if you can spot her.

Watch the video below:

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