VIDEO: Enyce’s ‘Life Good (Soda Pop)’

source: Enyce

“Walk down the block, sippin’ on that pop,” drawls Enyce in autotune. The tween Chicagoan rapper’s musical styling is very much in the same vein as the grit and grime verisimilitude of nu gangsters like Chief Keef and his ilk, but the subject of his song is as G-rated as popping soda cans can get. Despite being diametrically opposed to the uzis, bitches, and snitches of his older peers in topic, there is a common thread between popping a can of soda and popping a snitching homie – both are innately silly, adolescent fantasies to middleclass listeners not subjected to their po’ folk milieu. And weirdly, disturbingly for the latter, they make for catchy ig’nant rap – guilty pleasures; one due to its childish gratification of carbonated drinks and the other because of its criminality.

Watch the video below, directed by the track’s producer Duan Gaines (who also happened to be responsible for’s Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’ video):

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