VIDEO: Entrance’s ‘Promises’

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On Entrance’s latest single from recent EP Thrill Jockey, the Californian psychedelic rock band pens a painful reality of human beings being unable to keep to their promises and the struggles of learning to accept mistakes rather than categorise them as regrets (“If we only kept half of our promises, this world would be a much better place to live, first we have to accept that it is what it is, stop trying to forget, we only get what we give”). The words are tied together with a sombre tune – for a brief moment, it feels as though Entrance’s frontman Guy Blakeslee has given up on optimism. However further on, the lyrics “Standing on a precipice of a metamorphosis, spread your wings now butterfly, goodbye now, empty chrysalis” serve as a little glimmer of hope that despite the overall gloominess of the song, there’s still hope for joy to be reborn.

Watch the video below:

Purchase Entrance’s latest EP entitled Promises here