VIDEO: Enterprise’s ‘Cécile La Lumière (feat. Bil Musa)’

source: Enterprise

Just last Wednesday, dance punk band Enterprise had a launch at Pisco Bar for the premiere of their single’s MV entitled ‘Cécile La Lumière (feat. Bil Musa)’, along with opening performances from Analog K and Leo Ari. If you didn’t catch the video premiere at Changkat, here it is hosted in its inevitable home — YouTube. Ahead of the MV launch, they’d also released a remix project of the track featuring the best synth acts we know of; Menikmati, Stellar Dreams, Dizkopolis, and Analog K. The video — which was filmed two weeks before the earthquake that devastated Nepal — begins with a girl waking up in a stranded valley where she slowly discovers chunks of translucent puzzle pieces. A quick change of outfit (very Tron-like) and an assembling of the pieces transport her into an alternate universe. All the while, the quartet is backlit against the vibrant hues of the galaxy; there’s even a True Detective-esque sequence towards the end.

Watch the video below to find out how it ends:

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