VIDEO: Emir Hermono’s ‘Tersengat (feat. Leo Ari)’

source: Leo Ari

Here it is, the first music video off Emir Hermono’s seminal LP Karma Kisses. The MV for ‘Tersengat (feat. Leo Ari)’ – released late yesterday to coincide with Emir’s birthday – sees the camera floating in midair as it follows a very hazy Leo Ari gallivanting around London, where the artist-cum-musician is currently residing for his studies. Director Fahim Fadzlishah makes the best out of the zero budget video, relying on camerawork, editing, the innate foreignness of London’s milieu (to the eyes of Malaysians, at least), and even a few nifty effects – namely a kaleidoscopic image mimicking lips mouthing to the lyrics (this and the clockwise motion of the camera seemingly an homage to auteur Gaspar Noé‘s Enter The Void) and a particularly interesting shot of Leo walking amongst a frozen crowd of Londoners. His extensive journey on foot echoes the affixed sentiment, “It takes a thousand steps to find what you desire,” which is indubitably also the central thesis of Emir’s love trilogy.

Watch the video below:

Karma Kisses is available via iTunes, Spotify, BandcampSoundCloud, and Google Play.