VIDEO: Editors’ ‘No Harm’

source: Editors

Editors had originally released this track on a secret compilation last month, but here’s a deceptively simple video to convey the cryptic lyrics of the song as conceived, directed, and edited by Rahi Rezvani. The song is minimally embellished as well along with, of course, Tom Smith’s vocals that go from his signature sonorous quality to a soaring falsetto for the chorus. The essentially bare composition of the track allows such words like “I boil easier than you/ crush my bones into glue”, “I see through your walls and your space down your halls”, and “My world just expands/ things just breaks in my hands”. The dark undertones just smoulder as they’re conveyed, posing this unnerving feeling. However, the confounding chorus of “Don’t harm/ no harm” is oddly reassuring.

Watch the video below:

The single is available for download here. More from Editors here