VIDEO: Duncan Johnson’s ‘The Song About The Movie That I’m Desperately Trying To Cast’

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Source: Duncan Johnson

Once in a while it’s pretty cool to listen to a song that isn’t about (directly, at least) stereoptypical radio-ready love, pain or both. Berklee student Duncan Johnson takes us through the behind-the-scenes tale of ‘the song about the movie that he’s desperately trying to cast.’ No drums, no guitars, no synthesisers — just orchestral instruments and a piano, which makes for some rather creative choral usage where he conveys his passion for the script and an actress that he wants. He’s got a rather charming voice, and you can feel the tangible emotion in the subtle shakiness and phrasing of his vocal performance — the hardship that he’s facing in getting this hypothetical chick to act in his below average film seems pretty real to us.

Actually, we take it back. This song is about love and pain.

Duncan’s first album A Kingdom To Be King comes out December 29th, and you can grab it here when it does.

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